The thirty second annual report presents the 2015 accounting year, describes the company’s operating conditions and indicates its development perspectives.

The 2015 turnover amounts to 33.189.587.219 FCFA or an increase of 16,71% as compared with the preceding year.

Businesses written in CIMA zone represent 53,84% of the 2015 total turnover as against 53,15% in 2014.

Legal cessions represent 23,64% (26,51% : 2014) of the turnover and shows a drop of 2,87 points as compared with the previous year. Conventional businesses which represented 73,49% of turnover in 2014, stand at 76,36% in
2015 all zones combined in relative value or an increase of 13,92% in nominal value.

Total Balance Sheet amounts to 79.895.773.175 FCFA as compared with 75.892.118.290 FCFA in 2014, or an increase of 4.003.654.885 FCFA in absolute value and, of 5,28% in relative value.

Technical results of gross acceptations amount to 9.388.084.225 FCFA. Net income for the year, after deduction of overheads and non-operating income and expenses, amounts to 3.240.308.475 FCFA as against 2.655.809.6624
FCFA in 2014. This represents 16,20% of share capital.

The first part of this report describes the economic background and the commercial environment that prevailed during 2015.

In a second part, under the heading «Operations», the operations are analyzed.

The report hence provides in its conclusion, an outlook of the company perspectives over future years.

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